Application Development

Do you have a business application you want to develop. Is the cost and time important to you. We will deliver application in half the time and half the cost.

As part of application development we will construct a working prototype (in most case two weeks) to come up with the requirements. We follow an agile development process which means as the application is developed in phases, changes in requirements or new requirements can be accessed and worked into next phase. One of the salient feature of our development process is that there is a demo application available every phase and Customers can continuously access the progress.

Product Partnerships

Do you have a product idea but need help in developing. Partner with us and we will make it happen..

Application Prototyping

Even if you want to develop application in-house or elsewhere, but business or users requirement are not 100% clear or need a working prototype - we can help. Sometime a working prototype all is needed to come up with exact business and user needs. We can quickly develop and deploy a prototype on Amazon EC2 (2 weeks in most cases). Contact for more details.

Custom IT Process

Managing IT processes take lot of resources and energy. Finding correct tools and process flows is not very easy. Our IT Solutions (below) can provide both process and tool in wrapped in one. In most cases it can be used as is. However we can also help build process and its management software. Our approach is "any process is good process if it meets the need and easy to use" - We can certainly help in making your existing process easy to use.